Hi! Welcome to my resin art studio by the cows. This is my quiet place for creating original art - art decor, wall art, unique art, pour art, fluid art - for your home, office and gifting. Each resin artwork is made by hand and not a machine so tiny bubbles, bumps, fish eyes, little gaps and slight imperfections are part of the unique characteristics of the hand poured resin creation. The color on the picture could be slightly different due to different monitor settings.

All these unique and personalized resin glitter gifts are made to inspire and free your spirit. If I put a smile on your face and make you feel better then I have done my job. My intent is to spread a little happiness and lift people's spirits!

My love of crystals, gemstones, glitter and glass, and the positive healing energy they can create, has inspired me. I even studied geology in college in 1971, now I understand why!

I grew up in Atlanta with a very artistic mum. She came stateside after WW-ll with her portfolio and a dream of becoming a fashion designer. Five kids put an end to those dreams. But she did instill in us a love of the arts, crafts, working with our hands and Mother Nature.

I took every art class available in school. Sketched the church next to our elementary school and was noticed by the teacher even back then. Helped my dad cover a large, thick redwood slab with many, many coats of epoxy resin in the early 70s. Beautiful coffee table with drift wood legs found along the Oregon coast.

Then took up tole painting classes in Snellville from the Make-It Yourself craft store in 1986 using acrylics, this was very popular back then. I followed the craft show circuit for 10 years and loved it! But the weather does not cooperate very well. And it is physically demanding to handle a 70 lb canopy, tables, displays and crates of original artwork during set-up. Then after a long day outdoors, do it all over again, in reverse, during tear down... and drive all the way back home.

So, I opened the cutest little craft shop on Hwy 124 in Snellville where I sold my artwork and taught folk art classes. Then a few years later at a craft show in Dunwoody, Anni Moller, the famous Atlanta watercolor artist took me aside and said I need to grow and stop painting on wood. To get away from "crafts" and go into real art. A few private lessons in the late 80s were the highlight of my art education. She taught me the basics for which I am so very grateful. I did branch out with other mediums... making country pine furniture and painting my custom rose pattern on each piece to glass painting, acrylics on canvas, painting items for Plaid, the Folk Art people, more resin...

I love to use whatever I can get my hands on! Sticks, feathers, leaves, combs, old credit cards with different notches cut into them, bubble wrap… anything that creates an interesting texture or pattern. I used to be very rigid in my art-making but have discovered that by loosening up, experimenting and letting go of any preconceived ideas, art becomes a lot more rewarding.

Now semi-retired, I have added resin once again in all shapes and forms, ink art and anything else I can learn ;)  Hope you enjoy browsing!

In loving memory to the original artist, my mum, Dorothy Beatrice Lamb.

Thank you so much for visiting - Patricia